Saturday, November 18, 2006

RestoreIT Linux Edition coming to a CNR warehouse near you......

FarStone announced way back when,a Linux version of their cool Personal Disaster Recovery software , AKA, RestoreIT. This program is designed to complement Linux-based operating systems allowing users to restore lost data or an entire system that has been damaged due to computer errors or other common mishaps. RestoreIT Linux Edition or RestoreIT LE as it is called will be available to customers soon through a variety of channels, including Linspire's /Freespire's CNR (Click and Run) Warehouse as well as pre-installed on computers offered by Linspire partners.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

things to understand about Freespire.....

Freespire 1.0 Marlin is a full-featured computer operating system based on Linux and designed for desktop and laptop computers. Its a real simple Linux for non geeks. Freespire is built around Linux kernel 2.6.14, glibc 2.3.2 and 6.9.0. For software management, Freespire comes pre-installed with Linspire's CNR (Click and Run) technology, as well as the ability to freely use apt-get or Synaptic. Freespire offers legally licensed support for: MP3, DVD, Windows Media, QuickTime, Java, Flash, Real, ATI drivers, nVidia drivers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, proprietary WiFi drivers, and so on.

For those that don't know The Linspire/Freespire Internet Suite contains one of the most advanced and secure, yet easy-to-use suites of Internet software available for desktop and laptop Linux computers. The default Internet Suite is web L-browser and Email client are based on Firefox and Thunderbird featuring things like tabbed web browsing, hot words for instant searching, pop-up ad blocking and n-line spell checking.

Also there is Lsongs, the all-in-one music manager built into Freespire and is ready to help you rip your favorite music, organize it, play it, sync it to portable music players, and burn it to your own music mix CDs. It has everything you need to easily manage and enjoy your music collection.

Need to do a term paper? Try the Office Suite built-into Freespire. It is a full-featured office software suite called It features word processings, speadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs. All are file-compatible with their Microsoft Office counterparts so you can easily read and share documents with your friends who are still on MS Windows.

So now you have to burn your own music mix CDs or back up some thing? K3b was created with that in mind. It is feature-rich and is an easy to handle CD/DVD burning application.

Need more programs? Freespire features the wonderful, CNR (Click and Run) software downloading warehouse. You can download and try hundreds of software titles that automatically install on your computer with one click of the mouse. Yes one click literally downloads and installs the application you want, saving once again the wraith of the “command line”, a customary installation route under Linux. Clicking of the CNR icon takes you to Linspire's web-based software warehouse, comprising a mix of popular open-source applications and pay-to-download offerings. It also keeps track of any software updates and invites you to download them.

Others in the world of Linux can blast it all what they want. Without a doubt Freespire certainly offers the best out-the-box experience of any “free-as-in-beer distro” on the web, and I believe will open up Linux to a much wider audience. It can't denied that codec support is the most notable feature.