Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It finlly happened: is LIVE

After hard work and a long wait, is armed ready. For those who don't know. Back in January of 2007. Linspire Inc. announced it was revamping their CNR system to work with multiple Linux systems. This new, free service is meant to make it easy for users to both find and install desktop Linux applications.

We here at Inter-City Linux know that the GNU/Linux desktop since 2001 has made strong advances in usability and capabilities. However the difficulties of finding, installing, and updating software with each distribution (.deb v.s .rpm) requiring its own installation process has been one of the biggest complaints among desktop GNU/Linux users.

This new multi-distribution CNR technology plans to change all of that in a small way. It standardizes the installation process for the user without requiring a new or altered packaging system. This allows developers to continue using their same packaging methods, may it be .deb and .rpm files. This means all the different distributions can continue with their normal release management practices. With the new CNR, users will be able to use their Web browser to search for applications by title, popularity, user rating, category, function, and so on, kind of like isn't going to just include the usual free software favorites like and Thunderbird. No, indeed, CNR's commercial software offerings currently span various categories, including media playback, personal and business productivity, finances, virtualization, development tools, and games.

While true in the past all the content in the CNR Warehouse system was controlled exclusively by Linspire Inc. Not true anymore the new has been as they call it 'wiki-ized' meaning 80 percent of content can be changed by anyone. The site provides names, descriptions, screenshots, user reviews, specifications, source code, developer information, Who's Who and so on, for tens of thousands of Linux software programs, packages and libraries. Anyone can freely browse to research and find desktop Linux software. also allows you to install any of the software programs to any of the supported distributions, all with just one click. According to Linspire Inc. site, CNR adds both server- and client-side intelligence that overcome the traditional dependency challenges presented by current packaging systems, but without the need for altering these ubiquitous systems.

Linspire and Freespire users have known for some time the value of CNR. I think in time when Ubuntu, Fedora , openSUSE, and Debian users actually try CNR, they will see the value as well, for they as users, will be able to install programs without worrying about any of the complexities of software packaging. It will also allow those users the opportunity to purchase commercial products and services, such as Thinkfree Office 3, SWsoft's Parallels Workstation, CodeWeavers's CrossOver, TransGaming's Cedega and much much more.

It will take a few weeks before many problems and bugs will be fix. Soon the whole world will see the power Linspire 6.1 and Freespire 2.0....

Oh and the "NEW CNR"


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