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Should DELL Partner with Linspire Inc.?

Should DELL Partner with Linspire Inc.?

I think Linspire has a better shot with the Mom & Pop crowd that want to buy a new PC for the family than Novell's SLED. I read rebel said's “Its time for this in-fighting to end” I do agree with most of what was said in the statement.

Installing SLED 10 can be as easy as clicking next a bunch of times to get a pretty default install or if you are a more advanced user you can partition your hard disc(s) the way you want or install different software package(s) the way you want. Novell has been offering an enterprise-class Linux desktop that competes with Windows on many levels for a while. However Novell has banned all proprietary software from their Linux offerings. They are in effect asking people to completely give up on all the drivers, codecs and software that make their computers operate in the way they've come to expect. Novell said they will still make some of these proprietary pieces available via download. For many people, e-mail, web surfing, picture editing, listening to music, making spreadsheets and basic word processing are just about all they do with their computers, so why force the Mom & Pop crowd to jump through hoops?

Linspire has licenses with Sun Microsystems, Apple, Microsoft, Bitstream, and others to distribute products such as Java, Flash, Real, Windows Media fonts, QuickTime, ATI, nVidia, WiFi cards and mp3. Linspire comes with security tools such as VirusSafe and SurfSafe. Last but not least..Installing software on Linspire is done using the Click and Run application, sometimes referred to as CNR or the CNR Warehouse. It's a one-stop center for adding software to your desktop and it's the single most impressive package manager for any operating system.

Why DELL should Partner with Linspire Inc.?

1. Linspire Offers Cash Incentive For Pre-installing Linux on Desktop Computers. Offering 18 months of Revenue Share per computer, the program also features an automated, real-time, revenue share system that reports computer Light-up data, CNR Registration User percentage, and average revenue per-user generated through CNR. Free to join, the Builder Program has no annual fees or volume commitments, and offers system builders the option to build pre-installed computer systems.

2. Most of Dell's target market is not clamoring for Linux. They simply want their computers to just work and don't care about the OS. Linspire-GNU/Linux comes with proprietary browser plug-ins and video drivers with hardware acceleration, which makes it easier on inexperienced users who don't know how to download and install things like that. It's also easy to update and install CNR software. In fact, out of the box, all Linspire is missing for basic desktop functionality is the ability to play DVDs . They are the only company with the legal right to ship Linux ports of Windows Media Format codecs, including QuickTime capability.

3. Linspire 6 will start using Ubuntu 7.04 as their baseline. Because Ubuntu is a Debian-based distribution, Linspire 6 will continue to have access to all the same core functionality as before, but with the additional work from Ubuntu . The LOS (Linspire Operating Systems) will benefit from all the good work of Debian, Linspire Inc. and now Ubuntu.

4. Linspire has a built-in security program called SurfSafe. SurfSafe is the only web-filtering protection service that is integrated at the operating system level. With SurfSafe, you're protected from web sites that are both known to contain objectionable material. SurfSafe also includes easy-to-use controls to permanently enable SurfSafe, and it allows an adult to password-protect the SurfSafe controls. A one-year subscription is only $29.95.

About Novell

Novell Linux Desktop, powered by SUSE LINUX, provides a leading end-user productivity environment designed specifically to empower businesses to leverage Linux and open source with confidence. It can be deployed as a general-purpose desktop platform or tailored for use in information kiosks, call-centre terminals, or stations for infrequent PC users. Novell Linux Desktop also provides an ideal alternative to high-cost UNIX-based engineering workstations. Novell Linux Desktop users who are seeking to avoid single-vendor lock-in of their desktop systems can comfortably inter-operate with Windows-based users, within or between organizations. Finally, Novell Linux Desktop, backed by Novell support, training and partners, allows businesses to deploy Linux systems with confidence.

About Canonical and Ubuntu

Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is a global organization headquartered in Europe committed to the development, distribution, and support of open source software products and communities. World class commercial support for Ubuntu is available through Canonical's Global Support Services team and partners. Since its launch in October 2004 Ubuntu has become one of the most highly regarded Linux distributions, with millions of users around the world. Ubuntu will always be free to download, free to use and free to distribute to others. With these goals in mind, Ubuntu aims to be the most widely used Linux system, and is the centrer of a global open source software ecosystem.

About Linspire, Inc.

Linspire, Inc. ( was founded in 2001 to bring choice into the operating system market. The company's flagship product, the Linspire operating system, is an affordable, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system for home, school, and business users. Linspire pioneered CNR Technology, which allows Linspire users access to thousands of software programs, each of which can be downloaded and installed with just one mouse click. The thousands of software titles available in the CNR Warehouse ( include full office and productivity suites, games, multimedia players, photo management software, accounting tools, and more.

About CNR

CNR, with access to over 20,000 Linux software applications, makes it extremely easy for non-technical users to install, uninstall, update and manage Linux software on their desktop or laptop computers ( With the CNR Service you can freely install thousands of Linux software titles direct from the CNR Warehouse (, all with just a single mouse click. Users also get a powerful way to manage their entire software library, with advanced features, such as customizable "aisles" where you can install entire groups of software with a single click.

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