Saturday, December 09, 2006

Alpha2: Freespire version 2.0

Freespire version 2.0 Alpha2 (1.1.73) is now available for download:

Download_Freespire 2.0 Alpha2

Released on December 07, 2006
Version: Freespire 1.1.73
Size: 689.91 MB
MD5 Checksum: c89cc97d1586beaf5739d24f05e34429
Release Notes

This is the second alpha build that might not be good for the health of a production machine. Expect improvements as future builds are released.

Some of the release notes:
  • Automatic boot menu management does not always work. Do not install if you are not experienced at repairing Grub configurations and MBRs.
  • No upgrade path available from Freespire 1.0
  • Apt repository is pointing to Debian Sid.
  • Sound for quick-Switched User accounts inoperative.
To report a bug please see this page in the wiki: Bug_Lists


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