Sunday, August 06, 2006

Freespire _1.0.2. (non OSS)

Test system....

Asus P5RD1-V Motherboard.

on board: ATI Radeon X300
on board: Realtek ALC861 High Definition Audio 8-Channel CODEC

LG DVD/CD Rewriter

Pentium 4 (Single-Core) 3.2GHz

800MHz FSB

1 GB Ram

Note: On board sound does not work with Linspire Ver. 5.0.59. or 5.0.347.
Only Ver. 5.1.427 or above will work with the Asus P5RD1-V on board audio chip set.

Freespire _1.0.2. (non OSS) is a very well put together distro in RC status, that still has a few small bugs to work out. The cd gives you several options including installing Freespire, running the the cd as a LiveCD of Freespire, and using the cd as a partitioning tool.There is a lot installed, Openoffice, K3b, re-worked versions of FIrefox and Thunderbird along with Lphoto and Lsongs. KDE 3.3.2 is the only window manager installed, I hear there are many others are available via Apt, all of which is based on a 2.6.14 kernel.

For those who don't know, Freespire has gotten around the only user as root issue that has followed Linspire for a time now. You can now use sudo for root issues. If anyone wants to make changes to the root/user structure, the choice is still there. I personally am not a big fan of sudo, so that works out well for me.

Shortly after Freespire is officially declared 1.0, newer versions of all the major components will go into the testing branch for Freespire 1.1.


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