Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rebel advise

Love Linux /But need Windows: Dual-Boot
By RebelSaid

To install Linux on a Windows PC, you need to create a second OS partition to make room for it. If you have a factory-installed version of Windows on your PC, chances are it uses the whole hard disk as a single partition. So if you have a hard drive that is 40 GB, this means that your PC with the 40GB hard disk, has a C:\ drive that is roughly 40GB in size.You can use a commercial partitioning utility like........more here

Run Windows programs inside Linux?
By RebelSaid

Back in sept. I talked about CodeWeavers’CrossOver Office 4.2 allowing you to install your favorite Windows productivity applications and plugins in Linux. more here

Building a powerful yet low cost desktop with OS
By RebelSaid

Building a desk top is not as hard it would sound. You just need the right parts...more here


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