Saturday, July 15, 2006

FREESPIRE BETA 1 Marlin: Road To FREESPIRE 1.1 Skipjack

Could an early release of Freespire Beta 1 (Build 0.0.69) mean that I will have LINSPIRE 6.0 Skipjack before the holiday season? We can hope.

For those who don’t already know, Freespire comes in two flavors.

1.The fusion flavor will include proprietary codecs, drivers and software for an enhanced, "out-of-the-box" user experience. (Most people will be using this one.)

2.A 100% open source version.

I love the Freespire default wallpaper and k-splash screen. The icons where also a nice touch. If you have Linspire 5.0 you should have no problem finding any of your favorite programs. The menu seems unchanged.

The Freespire default web L-browser and email client is based on Firefox and Thunderbird getting things like n-line spell checking. In fact they have made so many enhancements and improvements to Firefox and Thunderbird, that guys at Freespire can't even call it "Firefox" anymore, some trademark thing. I have used Linspire at one time or another since Lindows 4.0. I think the fact that they changed Firefox and Thunderbird is a good thing. I have come to appreciate and enjoy the bug fixes and super enhancements they have made to these programs over the years.

For me Lsongs is the ultimate all-in-one application. When I first come to Linux conventionally you needed one program for ripping CDs, another for playing them, and yet another for burning playlists to a CD. In 2004 Lsongs gave me the best Linux components into one great music manager that, organize my immense music collection. I could even stream my favorite Internet radio stations with an elegant drag-and-drop interface. I’m not sure why every one wants to replace it with AmoroK. I have AmoroK installed but I don’t feel it’s a killer music manager. Recently, Lsongs has been ported to other Linux versions such as Gentoo, Mandrake and Kanoptix. That should tell everyone something.

Note:This should only be used on test systems....too many bugs

I like what I see so far. Im ready for FREESPIRE BETA 2


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